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After the trials and tribulations of the early year High King Tristan invites all the Free Peoples to Marshall’s Keep to celebrate a Fayre. At this meeting the Lions will also invite all their friends and allies to witness and participate in a feast day in honour of Sir Giles for his sacrifice some years ago now to aid in the creation of the Blood Sword, used to slay the Blood Queen.

As always there will be games to suit all tastes and abilities along with merriment and gaiety for all. Opportunities for all to test their wits and martial skills, time to relax and ponder previous events and to partake of the legendary hospitality of the Lions. A chance to see what changes the new King Tristan has brought to lands of Albion and to see the lands of Marshall’s Keep.

Still bold adventurer it would pay to keep your ears and eyes open and your sword sharp as who can tell how long peace and tranquillity will reign in any part of our troubled world? For several years now the Lions have been plagued by worshipers of Solkar seeking separation from their fellow Lions, who knows if they have been finally defeated or not? Some whisper that some Albion folk are unhappy with the new King and his changes to their land and as ever there are those who will use any such unrest for their own dark purposes! In addition there are the greater troubles of the world, the Constructs, the Formorii, any peoples following the Keltoi and of course the Imperials to consider as well, is there any peaceful corner of our world that truly remains immune to these threats real or imagined? So hardy travellers welcome to Marshall’s Keep and try to relax, if you dare! Or stay in the safety of the Crimson Moon!!!
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