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For too long the Dark forces Marshalled under the dread banner of the Spectre have terrorised the lands of the free peoples. Whilst his Jotun lay dead at the hands of Siegfried, a one time Jarl of Norsca and the God Child Fimblewinter exposed as one of this dishonoured man's Oathsworn, the enemy still grew in strength. What was the twisted creature seen in the wastes of Siberia, and why were its attendants graceful Dryads? Was there a connection between the dread legions of the spictrim and the seemingly wild forces of the Mempo? Only time would tell.

It is against these rebellious former Subjects of the Empire that Hart, Overlord of the Algaia, Ael Shikari, Ael Gaia, wishes to strike. On the borders of what is now Estragales and the lands of the Southern Mempo Empire, on lands that not a generation ago lay in the centre of Algaia soil, a great temple is to be erected; a fortress of faith that will prove a beacon to all nations, a place of safety to all of the free peoples. In the Dauphin’s court it is rumoured this building will be the staging ground for an offensive to free Estragales. The peoples of the Eotheod speak of a place where the three kingdoms can convene. The oldest and wisest of Lyonesse talk of a final bulwark, a rallying point for all nations if the dark Legions prove too great in power... Are any of these whisperings true? If it is to be, as some believe, merely a Temple to the Goddess, then why are members of the Wolves and Jhereg laying the first foundations?

With the Overlord convening a war council against both the Mempo and the Dark Legions, he will need unity amongst the factions. Tensions have lessened with the Jhereg into an uneasy detente, but the Algaia ambassadors will still have hard work to complete after the announcement that the peoples of the Steppe Alliance were not welcome in the Overlord’s land. Actions like these may well jeopardise the recovery of the lands from the hands of the Mempo and the Liberation of Sanctuary from the Yakuza. Reactions like this will not aid the peoples of Teutonia in removing the Northern Mempo from their lands. All of these overshadow a problem that may shake the Algaia to the core, the wife of the rites master of the Goddess' children, the Istar...

So sharpen your swords, steel you wits and journey to Estragales. The winter thaw will soon be upon us and the warbands ready themselves for battle. This is no time for nameless soldiers, this is a time of heroes, this, is your time...

The Crimson Moon was here in the arctic "Sub-tropical" clime . here are our pictures..

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