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CURIOUS PASTIMES 2015 - Event 2 : Wigan


Peace reigns. After years of struggle against the forces of terror, with the death of Demmin and the destruction of the old gods of Siberia, the lands of the Jhereg hold a tenuous peace. Following the passing of Lord Jhereg at the festival of Renewal the three new hosts to the Jhereg spirit, the Taken have assumed control of both the war band and the nation. With most of Siberia enjoy the brief respite from internal conflict, the Taken invite the other nations to join them on a mission of discovery, to walk another dark path north to a place where it is rumoured a threat, both mysterious and great may lie hiding in plain sight. With the recent new threat of an impending second war of the fey, we must be quick to seize what power and knowledge we can to gain the advantage. Whatever it is at the end of this road, whatever the cause of the rumours, both a strong arm and mind will be needed for those who choose to answer this call and walk the dark path.

Crimson Moon Tavern was there to ensure that no hero died thirsty..

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