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July 2009
The Big Cheese - the Caerphilly Annual Festival with re-enactment groups, International Food Market, Fair, and Markets ... and the Crimson Moon was in the Bailey to look after the masses with Country Wines, Meads and Real Ales for the unitiated - and Ales for those who knew in the evening - the Knights of Longshank, Company of Chivalry, and Y Cantref Breiniol -

and here are our photos....

BigCheesee01 BigCheesee02 BigCheesee03 BigCheesee04 BigCheesee05 BigCheesee06
BigCheesee07 BigCheesee08 BigCheesee09 BigCheesee10 BigCheesee11 BigCheesee12

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20009 the Big Cheese - Caerphilly - full Hi Res gallery

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