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Von Hapsburg the newly crowned king of united Teutonia invites all his friends and allies to Bad Tolz to celebrate the peace that has descended upon the war torn nation of Teutonia. With the focus on fighting the Keltoi and the civil war with the Cobras having consumed the attentions of the Vipers for the last two years who knows what the situation will be in this traditionally dangerous borderland?

Some however whisper that Bad Tolz is a strange place to hold such a ‘peaceful’ gathering so close to the ancient and mysterious Black Forest as it is! In addition the area to the east of Bad Tolz is known as the Bad Lands and not without reason, the Evil Sunz used to keep order within these dangerous lands but they have not been heard of for two years now and so who knows what the real situation is in this isolated border region.

Whatever transpires there is likely to be a need for sharp swords and possibly even sharper minds in the Bad Lands of Teutonia! Or stay in the safety of the Crimson Moon!!!
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The city also has strategic importance as it lies directly in the path of any invaders from the east, and with the apparent instability within the Imperial Court nobody but the foolish would rule out the possibility of a recommencement of tension with the Empire.

What if any will be the ramifications of the Shogun’s recent Winter Court Event, and where will the Factions stand in any internal conflict within the Empire? Whatever the answers the Greenskins are a powerful friend or foe and there are likely to be interesting times ahead!

Rumours also abound that there are cults of Demon worshippers within the eastern reaches of the Black Forest along with the possibility of there being agents of Sebastian von Beck and his constructs at work within the region as groups of constructs have been spotted there lately.

Also after the retaking of Erin and subsequent peace deal with the Keltoi they have settled in lands offered to them by King von Hapsburg. What will the effect of these alien and warlike people be upon their new neighbours, will they hold to the terms of the peace? It is to be hoped that peace will prevail with these dangerous foes indeed their strength and ability would add greatly to the strength of the Factions in any up-coming struggles. Perhaps closer links can be forged with these warlike folk perhaps through the mysterious Amgeara who appear to be in some way distantly related to the Keltoi?

Despite the apparent closing of the Portal at the end of Renewal 1108 with great sacrifice some still believe that the threat of new invaders is still present; indeed were the forces that issued forth that day not strangely reminiscent of the Vipers themselves? So perhaps one eye should be kept open for this threat also brave soul?

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