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It would appear that taking advantage of the recent turmoil of both the Teutonian civil war and the absence of the royal war band due to its campaigns against the Keltoi and other foes some of the tribes of Teutonia have taken to the practice of both Demon worshipping and summoning!

Having made this startling and worrying discovery in the area of Bad Tolz King von Hapsburg has asked for the Factions aid in rooting out the individuals and groups engaged in this practice who are also prominent in opposition to the reinforcement of both Royal rule and the return of peace to the countryside of Teutonia. To this end you are all invited to the area of Stuttgart where reports of not only Demon worshipping but depredations of Constructs are also being reported in increasing numbers.

As ever in the ancient forests that scatter the lands rumours of mysterious forces and creatures abound, so ensure that your mind is clear and your weapons keen as you venture once again into the Black Forest! Or stay in the safety of the Crimson Moon!!!
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