Crimson Moon -
Meet the Staff who serve you...

Rann Dombynt

Champion Caller of the "Aftershock Challenge", "Swill 2 - 3- 4"
Ran is always present to greet you and make you welcome at the Crimson Moon.

Sometimes now accompanied by Tiddly Bynt, she is ready to relieve you of your "Shinies" and supply your needs to quench your raging thirst.

Tiddly Bynt is a little young to serve you yet at the Crimson Moon ...
But watch this space!!!

Tiddly Bynt

Stilla Nother Bynt

Stilla Nother Bynt arrived at the Crimson Moon as an exchange student hoping to join the Celestial College, and is saving her tips to pay for her entrance fee.
A Wolf and Healer, Stilla is ever ready to lend a comforting ear to a troubled spirit, (other than undead spirit of course!!) and when not serving you, you will often find her deep in her books, (or having a fag out the back !!).

Look out for Stilla at your Campfire after times, well endowed with a bottle of Mead !! 

Dunna Bynt

Longsuffering and Hardworking, Dunna travelled to the lands late in 1104 and found a new home in the Crimson Moon.

Strong of arm and back, and trustworthy with your deepest secrets (for a price), Dunna will ensure that your stay at the Crimson Moon will be successful.

Yeta Nother Bynt

Little is known of this Norscan Lady. Yeta can always be found in the Crimson Moon - yet, (unlike Ran) is rarely found within the camps after hours.

Yeta will happily organise your Aftershock Party, or challenge you to a game of Mead Draughts, or Chess.


What can we say ?? The ever so popular Bar Wench - "Rosy"  is available to make your evening in the Crimson Moon - just that bit more special!!

Why not join the Company that Evil Ref classes as "Just so Wrong!!"...

 "Rosy" brings a certain insight into her role as Bar Wench - why not visit her Advice Pages - they are fully confidential and post all answers to the widest audience...  

  and then we have our other supporters..

Katrina the Trader -

Following the brutal murder of her father - Katrina found solace and protection in the Crimson Moon Tavern.



Deaglan of the Fir Cruthen  - Known simply as "Juggs" to his friends and colleagues at the Crimson Moon joined the Merry Band when travelling in Algaian Lands without a work licence in the year 1104 and soon made himself an essential part of the Crimson Moon Team. Renowned for his nightly forays into enemy camps to retrieve the elusive Crimson Moon 4 Pint Jugs - appropriated by unscrupulous faction members who care little for their fellow creatures robbed of the option of cheaper beer when the Jugs run out!!!!
And so he gained the nickname "Juggs"...