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"Ach, the church is very near, but the road is all ice,
however the Tavern is very far but I shall walk there carefully"
Russian Proverb.." nicolai


About the
Crimson Moon Tavern ltd
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Crimson Moon Marquee

The Crimson Moon is a traditional style Wooden Pole and Canvass Marquee, which can be as small as 20ft x 20ft or expand in sections to over 120ft. Whatever size, we ensure that the inside retains the intimate atmosphere of a period Tavern, lit and warmed by candles, and supplied with copious amounts of traditional Meads, Country Wines and Real Ales.   

Lighting Candles

There is no substitute for the light and warmth that is provided by the candle, and we make full use of its properties, with Candelabra in the recesses and table decorations on the tables.
But even in the daytime we try to ensure that you get the maximum immersion into days of yore.

The walls of the tent are covered with Tapestry and wall hangings suitable for your period or theme.



Dependent upon the size of your function, we will furnish the Tavern suitably whether for standing room or for comfortable seating.
We will provide the seating and tables, all tastefully draped.



All you need to do is fill with your party, staff, companions or players dependent upon your function.
This is an example of a small setup.  A Tavern Night for about 50 players - all that was needed was a field with camping for players.

midsize tent


At the Crimson Moon we provide the licensing, the premises and alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks at no commitment to the organiser. 
The Crimson Moon is capable of running on candle power alone - so no problems regarding power.

(if you want modern Lager or Cider then we will provide our generators for the coolers - but we provide good alternatives on the best Still Cider and cask lager)


Bears Wenches

Just add players to put the "Fun" into a fundraising evening.

A slightly larger Set up is shown here at Caldecott Castle where the Crimson Moon has provided the ales for the Early Medieval Alliance for the last three years.



The Crimson Moon provides an ideal backdrop to other traditional Living History and Trader tents.

Market Fayre

Just add atmosphere - Re-enactors and the Public

Rann serves

With one of the largest selections of Country Wines
and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the usages and customs of each -  
Add Flame ...

candle lit


add characters..
Perhaps even some entertainment from the Belly Dancers



and the Drunken Monk to serve you...

for a successful event..

The Crimson Moon can be set up in almost any location - contact us to discuss your needs

woodland setting

Adams School
One of our larger setups was the Adams School "Battle of Longford Hall"
in May 2006 - the English Civil War Society with 650 taking part in the Muster

Agnes the "Widow"

So let us provide the Drinks ...

Let us provide the serving staff...



Let us take the work out of providing for your event

Be you Lords and Ladies ....
wanting historical Accuracy



or wanting a theme party ..

Whether you want Re-enactment -  Live Action Role Play
Wedding - Birthday  - Special Occasion
Corporate Event
Charity Function


Let the Crimson Moon provide you with the atmosphere
and take the work out of your organisation


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