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Rann Dom Bynt
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Rann Dombynt Welcomes you to the Crimson Moon LARP Site

and says

Bring on the Shinies!!
[sing-a-long here]

The Crimson Moon Tavern found its way to life through the Curious Pastimes (TM) Fantasy Live Action Role Playing System. Role Playing in that system since 2000, Iain and Susie developed from in-character catering in the Wolves Kitchen to providing the main Bar facilities for all the System events. Role Players first, the paramount importance was to ensure that the ambience and atmosphere of the Tavern enhanced the roleplay opportunities for players and allowed the greatest level of immersion in the hobby.  

Joined immediately by daughter Nancy, (character name Rann Dombynt) the popularity of the Crimson Moon Tavern soon developed - as did such attractions as "Speed Mead" and the "Aftershock Challenge"
By 2005, the Crimson Moon Tavern was appearing in Mandala Events under names such as the Boar at Bagshott and St Phillips Monastery, and Hennesy Macmead brought the Tavern to Lorien Trust (TM) Events for the Bears Faction Linear Events and Tavern Nights. By 2007, Skullduggery and Wyvern Tales are also supported.

We can now supply bar solutions for large or small Role Play events, providing NPC characters to enhance the plot, or as the established characters,  the Viking Skald Vollsanger and the Widow Agnes or Father Lisenshus - the Drunken Monk...

We occasionally also provide fully catered solutions including Full Banquets for your Role Play Event.

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Curious Pastimes

Curious Pastimes

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