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Welcome to All Re-Enactment Supporters

Building on the long experience of the Drunken Monk Taverns, the Crimson Moon brings that little bit of extra atmosphere with full trappings of the Historic Tavern. Not only the authentic Ales, Meads and a vast array of Country wines that you would expect from the Drunken Monk, our Tavern is completely draped in Tapestry and powered by Candle. We supply tables and benches arrayed with candles to provide a suitable resting place before and after the battle.

Our staff will remain in character while serving to complete the re-enactment experience and enhance your weekend. We will adapt to your particular historic period - providing both re-enactors and public with that "little bit more" fun and experience. 

So why not enhance your event, get more enjoyment, and earn more income by bringing the Crimson Moon to your event

Previous Events:
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Gallery Early Medieval Alliance - Sept 2006
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Hawkestone Park - Summer 2007
Drudion Re-enactment - Gallery


Sealed Knot - Summer 2007
Battle of Newbridge (well the flood actually!)
Gallery Battle of Blore Heath - 2007
Gallery Early Medieval Alliance - Sept 2007
Caldicot Castle  -  Gallery

Sealed Knot - Caldicot - Easter 2008

Hawkestone Park - Summer 2008
Arthurian Weekend - Gallery

Early Medieval Alliance - Sept 2008
Washed out - Gallery

Battle of Blore Heath - 2008

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