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Lyme Bay produce an exciting range of wines in a variety of styles to suit every taste - from delicate to full-bodied, from sweet to dry. We carry the full range of 27 wines. Except for the Norfolk Mead and Original Mead which are suitable for vegetarians the remaining 25 wines in the range are suitable for vegans. Whilst many of the wines contain some added grape juice for sugar content the Apricot, Damson, Orange, Peach, Rhubarb and Original Mead are all grape free.
We serve the wines by the glass or 75cl bottles as follows:

Country Wines
Apple 14.5% a fragrant, medium sweet wine with a crisp taste straight from the orchard
Apricot 14.5% a luscious, rich and aromatic wine with a full apricot taste
Birch 14.5% a pale and deliciously dry wine with a crisp delicate flavour
Blackberry 14.5% deep crimson in colour with a rich tangy sweetness
Blackcurrant 14.5% a delicious bouquet, bursting with ripe blackcurrant flavours
Cherry 14.5% a smooth, sweet wine full of rich cherry flavours with aromatic almond overtones
Cowslip 14.5% a light refreshing wine suffused with delicate flowery flavours
Cranberry 14.5% a delicate, light wine which leaves a bittersweet lingering sensation
Damson 14.5% a mellow medium wine with a hint of pepper - extremely easy drinking
Dandelion 14.5% a delicious medium wine with a ripe herbaceous nose and flavour
Elderberry 14.5% a popular, punchy medium wine - an old favourite
Gooseberry 14.5% a light refreshing and zesty wine with a smooth character
Peach 14.5% a summer fruit bouquet coupled with a sweet nectar character
Parsnip 14.5% an easy to drink wine, packed with smooth sweet sensations
Plum 14.5% imagine biting into a ripe plum - this is it!
Raspberry 14.5% a medium sweet wine with a perfect balance of light freshness and soft fruit
Redcurrant 14.5% a light gentle wine filled with succulent sweet redcurrant flavours
Rhubarb 14.5% dry, crisp and clear - perfect for a hot summer's day
Sloe 14.5% a medium sweet wine with a delicate flavour and mellow taste
Strawberry 14.5% overflowing with fresh strawberry flavour - ideal as a dessert accompaniment
Speciality Wines
Black Beer & Raisin 14.5% a dark, smooth, malty wine - ideal for a barbecue or those evenings by the fire
Elderflower - still
aromatic, refreshing, crisp light wines which capture the fragrance of the English countryside
Ginger 12.0% a delicious wine, overflowing with sweet spice and warmth


Drunken Monk - Banquet 11% Fine Light Mead ideal for supping or with meals (Not currently Available)
Tournament 13% Deeper and richer - with a hint of almond and vanilla for a full taste
Christmas 13.5% For the festive season - birthdays or any time that it pleases. Elizabethan recipe with orange, cinnamon and nutmeg
Traditional 14.5% Rich and sweet - a sherry style Mead ideal for quaffing
Moniack 14.6% The King of all Meads - from Castle Moniack in Scotland

English Wines

    We are pleased to specialise in the award winning Wroxeter Roman Vineyard Wines
Noble Roman 12%  A ripe, soft rounded medium wine with a hint of grapefruits on the finish will refresh and please everyone.
Roman Red 13% A new exciting unique red wine made with Dornfelder and Dunkelfelder, new varieties of black grape, giving delicate flavours of strawberries and pears


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